Clean Tight Spaces And Corners With No Hassle!

Clean Tight Spaces And Corners With No Hassle!



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Perfect For All The Hard-To-Reach Places In Your House!

  • Cleans the difficult corners of your bathroom. Don't let soap scum and calcium build up in the shower ever again!

  • Stiff bristles are perfect for stuck-on grime. This attachment will remove it faster than you'd think!

  • Clean your tires, bike wheels, and other oddly shaped outdoor items with ease!

  • Tough grime, stains, and dirt is no match for the tough bristles on this attachment.

Perfect For All The Hard-To-Reach Places In Your House!



Your Perfect Tool To Remove Grime And Grease In the Tightest Corners

Clean Every Corner, Nook and Cranny, with Synoshi Corner Brush!

Dive deep into soft corners, ensuring maximum cleanliness without a scratch!

Effortless Cleaning for Soft Corners

Gentle, yet extremely effective, the Synoshi Cone Brush is designed to get into soft corners like your comfy couch or favorite chair. You'll effortlessly clean between seams, to get rid of crumbs, dust, and yucky spots. With Synoshi, you can breathe life back into your soft furniture, ensuring they remain the highlight of your living space for years to come.

No corner is too tough for Synoshi Cone Brush!

Conquer Hard Corners

For areas that most brushes miss or can't handle, you've got the Synoshi Cone Brush. Paired with the Spin Power Scrubber, it can get rid of the toughest of build-ups. From stained tiles to hardened water spots, grime, or mildew stains, Synoshi gets deep into those hard corners, making your shower look as if it were brand new. Get ready to see a sparkling transformation!

Deep cleans awkward corners and hard-to-reach places.

Reach and Clean, Wherever You Need

We all know the challenges of cleaning hard-to-reach areas like car seats, filled with crevices and folds. Synoshi's Corner Brush simplifies this task, making it accessible to everyone.

Get Into All the Hard-To-Reach Places!

With Synoshi’s attachable cone-shaped, stiff bristle brush, you can get into all the hard-to-reach areas of your home. Dirt and grime can build up in the nooks and crannies of your house. These areas are hard to reach with old-fashioned cleaning tools making it difficult to keep your home as clean as it should be.

Get Into All the Hard-To-Reach Places!

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